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New Year New PB

Author: Jeff Reyes

Crazy Catch In-Shore In Texas!

A quick throwback to a New Year’s Eve stud. It was a trip to the panhandle in hopes of breaking a personal best. We set out 6 baits around noon and hoped for a couple bites. Around midnight, my 80-wide started to roll and my blood start to pump. I knew it was going to be a solid fish due to the size of the bait, big baits big fish, right? As I harnessed up I let the fish eat for around 45 seconds since i had a 30-pound bait.            

            Once I was set up in the harness and I felt that it was enough time to let the fish eat I applied drag and it made a solid run. After about a two-hundred-yard run, the fish turned and charged the beach, fast! I tried my best to keep up with the fish and after a lot of cranking it begins to become heavy again, followed by short runs. It was no longer than a 15 to 20-minute fight under a lot of drag. Once the fish was in close and we had it tail roped I quickly got out of the harness and ran down to help with the leadering. It was a dusky that was a little over 11 foot. After a minute or two of dehooking and taking a few pictures, she was on her way back to the deep cold waters. it was completely breath taking just seeing a massive shark swim away perfecrtly fine in crystal clear water.

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