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New Braided Fishing Line Vs. Monofilament Playlist On Our Youtube Channel

Author: Bullbuster Team

Braided Fishing Line Vs. Monofilament Fishing Line 

This is a big topic that a lot people want to know about here on the internet.  Ultimately when you are searching for this, you are asking the question: which type of fishing line should I be using for my type of fishing.  We hope that the new playlist on the Bullbuster Youtube Channel helps answer some questions you may have, and ultimately helps you make the decision about which type of fishing line you should be using.

Basic Features Of Each Type Of Fishing Line

The video below talks about the features of each type of line. 

When You Should Use Monofilament Over Braided Fishing Line

This video covers three main applications where monofilament wins over braid. 

Line Capacity vs. Line Strength Decisions

This is the most important decision for spooling your reel.  This is the major question you are trying to answer when choosing between monofilament and braid. 

Where Braided Fishing Line Is Better Than Monofilament

This video talks about applications where braid is WAY better than monofilament.  

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