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My First Thresher Shark

Author: Tom Bieback

Northeast Fishing For Thresher Sharks

Going back to late July this year.. My friends and I left port at 6 am in a heavy fog that lifted slightly as we ran to Montauk. On the way out we loaded up with bunker.  For the most part we relied on my buddy's Simrad 4g radar on the way out. 

We pulled up to spot #1 with lots of life. Several pods of dolphin and mackeral pods all over.  It took us awhile to figure out how to catch the mackeral as they wouldn't take traditional Sabiki rigs. We had to use larger vertical jigs meant for tuna to get these and they were horse mackeral.  After the first spot didn't produce we moved onto another spot a friend suggested. We found another pod of dolphins and more shearwaters working an area near some high flyers.  

Within minutes of setting out two of the mackeral on balloons we got a hit and the balloon started going down.  I reeled up tight on my Shimano Tiagra 50W loaded with 125 lb bullbuster  monofilament fishing line.  My crafty one customs bent butt rod handled the big powerful headshakes from this shark. After about 40 mins we had the thresher boat side and my buddy Elliot threw the harpoon.  After another run after we harpooned it we finally got a tail rope on it and got it into the boat. 113" total length. Made for some nice shark steaks. 

Montauk Thresher Shark

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