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When the Bullbuster Team purchased the domain for "Big Game Fishing The World"  we thought, there is no way that this could be true.  This was once a legends website. Well, it turned out to be true and today we have restored some of the works of legendary Capt. Norm Isaac's.  We take no credit for what you are about to read but instead insist on honoring a legend who helped shaped our sport. 


If you never watched this Iconic fishing show growing up, watch the video below posted by " Paul Sige" to see what it was all about!

The Search For The Perfect Marlin Lure Pt. 1

"Every so often, I run across a magnificent piece of work that, to me, looks like something no self-respecting fish could possibly turn down. "

"Somebody call CNN -- no, wait, better yet, don't tell anyone... now it's strictly on a "need to know" status."

Every fisherman is on an eternal search for a magic, catch'-em-every-time, never-fail lure that causes fish to go crazy to the point of trying to break into the boat at night trying to get to it. We're all searching for the one lure that gets hit (and sticks) all of the time in all conditions and seasons. Most of us who have flailed around the high seas in search of big game for a few years have spent countless hours trying to mentally create such a lure that we can later carve, pour or machine in our workshops or garage and, Shazam! Stand back, world. Here it is -- Mr. Wonderful, the one that never fails.

Every so often, I run across a magnificent piece of work that, to me, looks like something no self-respecting fish could possibly turn down. Then, to top it off, five minutes after it's in the water the first time, it gets nailed. And again, five times throughout the course of the day we catch fish on it. We've found it! The end of the rainbow is in my lure drawer. Somebody call CNN -- no, wait, better yet, don't tell anyone. First, we'll win millions in fishing tournaments, then we'll mass produce it and make more millions selling it to every breathing fisherman in the world. Yeah, that's the ticket. 

"Alas, at least to the best of my knowledge, such a lure has yet to be discovered. "

So, just to be sure, we'll try it another day or two and then put it away so it doesn't get broken off before we can put the plan into action. The next day out, Mr. Wonderful (M.W.) comes out of the lure drawer, safely out of sight of other fishermen, because now it's strictly on a "need to know" status. After a careful inspection to be sure the leader and crimps are flawless, M.W. slides over the side to work its magic. Hmm. Five minutes go by, and no strikes. Better check the skirts. Hmm. Two hours go by, and still no strikes. We must be in an area where there are no fish. Hmm. Four hours, no strikes, and three boats in our area are fighting fish. Maybe we have a rattle in our drive train or something. Six hours, and zip. A twinge of doubt appears on the horizon. Seven hours and M.W. is replaced in the pattern by a $4 chrome jet with wahoo-ravaged skirts and promptly gets hammered before we can get our hands off the reel. 

Learn How To Make Your Own Marlin Lures

Could we have been a smidgen premature? Does this mean we have to cancel the order for the Rolls and the new house? Although this scenario might be slightly exaggerated, many of us are always on the lookout for a Mr. Wonderful. Alas, at least to the best of my knowledge, such a lure has yet to be discovered. However, In the process of filming ESPN's "Inside Big Game Fishing, Hawaii", I've had the opportunity to fish with many of Hawaii's skippers on their boats, and there are a few lures that seem to be consistently preferred by these very productive captains. Every boat is different in terms of how the 'riggers are set up, preferred trolling speed, how the wake looks and other factors too numerous to list. Still, a handful of lures pop up on virtually every boat, and this is for only one reason: they produce. In future articles, we will be taking a closer look at these consistent producers, who runs them and why. 

Tight Lines . . . . . Norm.

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