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Mothers Day Weekend

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

Mothers Day Redfish Fishing At The Lake!

Long night of fishing Calaveras lake with no bite all night, feels like the switch was turned off so early in the morning we decide to which up the lakes and try out Brauniq lake which is like less than 10 miles apart, also because we wanted some breakfast.

Upon arrival to our new destination at Brauniq Lake we decide to fish First point because the wind was blowing directly at us and to us its always been a plus. We have noticed that the bait fish tend to be on the side that the wind is blowing and where’s there’s small fish there are larger ones. 

Fishing all morning with one rod and fishbites of choice because long distance casting with fishbites is much easier than a full crawfish or tilapia. Sitting at the table dreaming of the saltwater and making some saltwater tackle for our next trip to the sand the drag starts screaming on fellow angler Justin's rod and then my rods started peeling drag so we are on a double hook up. So far so good with switching lakes, Justin got a 29 inch redfish and I got a 31 inch redfish. So know we know we are in the right locations so we all decide to bring out a couple more rods to be tossed out with Crab Fishbites. Then one after another we start getting bites and a couple more redfish are caught.

For some reason the bite died at Calaveras and picked right up at brother lake Brauniq. Crazy to think this but it’s really cool if you think about it, then again each fishermen has there own thoughts on how fish think.

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