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Miracle Snook Catch During The Mullet Run!

Author: Brook Crist

Mullet Run Fishing In Sebastien Inlet 

Sebastien Inlet Snook

It was about 2am when Viktor, Chris and I walked out onto Sebastian Inlet to fish the outgoing tide. The mullet were flowing through the inlet pretty good and we were hoping the redfish and snook would be fired up. 

Chris caught a couple nice size redfish and Viktor caught a couple just overslot reds. 

"My snook had almost done a 360 around the piling"

I finally hooked up to a nice snook. If you’re familiar with Sebastian Inlet you know how challenging it can be to net a fish in a big swell, and if you’re not familiar, let me tell you… It’s not the easiest task. Especially at night, and when other anglers' lines are getting tangled in your fish.

 I had my fish straight up and down trying to position it perfectly between two pilings so Viktor could lower the bridge net down to net the fish. Just when I almost had the fish right where I wanted him, a big swell came and tossed the snook way behind a piling and pushed him halfway around the other side of it. My braid was now wrapped around the piling on the barnacles, and I thought to myself there is no way I’m landing this fish. For what felt like hours, but really was probably only a minute, my braid was just getting scraped on the piling.

 There was nothing I could do, my snook had almost done a 360 around the piling, and my braid was stuck on barnacles. But then, another swell came and pushed the snook back behind the piling, and somehow washed him back through the front side. By some miracle, AKA Bullbuster Braid, my braid didn’t break and my snook was back on the right side of the piling. Viktor was able to net my fish, took a quick pic, and the healthy, overslot snook was back in the water to enjoy the rest of the mullet run. 

It’s a great feeling having confidence in the tackle your using, especially after an experience like that. My reel was spooled with40lb Bullbuster Braid and 60lb Bullbuster Fluoro

Here is a video from the same day, but we didn’t have the cameras rolling at night. 

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