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Jacksonville Shark Fishing From The Beach

Author: Str8_Hookn

Jacksonville July Shark Fishing Report

The typical summer days are here. Loaded truck and met my buddy at the beach. Air temperature was 92 and the water has made it to 81 degrees. 
Set up two Mak 80W’s and two Mak 130’s as the afternoon storms approached. Luckily we had a soft eight mph East wind and we were hoping that would be enough to keep the storms at a safe distance. 
We managed to get the first two rods out with out problems. About half way thru the third paddle I noticed the line was getting tight. As I looked back to shore I saw my buddy trying to fight a fish and manage the third rod. Without hesitation I dropped the bait (about 300 yards) and headed for shore.
I reached the shore and put the yak on the hill and grabbed my harness. I got buckled in and hooked the the Mak 80. It was a strong fish on the other end and the battle was on. 

After about thirty minutes the unmistakable dorsal fin comes out of the water and we know immediately it’s a large hammer. My buddy get’s the leader in hand and estimate’s the length between dorsal and tail to be around 7-8 foot. This fish is nice and heavy. As I back off the drag and put the rod in the holder the hammer makes a run and the hook pulls. The fish was in 4ft of water so we got a real good look. What a rush. No pics of the fish. Such disappointment, but you can’t catch everyone. 

We continue to put out the last line and the wait begins. The tide starts coming in and we wait and wait. After four hours of waiting we decide to call it a night. As we are packing up the Mak 130 starts to scream. Looks like we might be in business again. I get harnessed up and hooked to the reel. 

Fish on !! A short battles ensued. The fish did not put a fight. It swam straight to the beach. My buddy gets the tail rope on and I snap a couple of pic’s. It turns out to be a eight and a half foot male lemon. Solid fish. 

We remove the hook and put a tag in and send it home. Now we can finish packing the truck. The rain held off. A great day of fishing. 

Both the 80w's and both 130 Makairs were filled with Bullbuster 200lb solid braid and topped off with 150lb mono from their bulk spool. Leaders were mad of 1000lb bullbuster grander leader coils and double 600lb bullbuster wire. 

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