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Miami Monday - Peacock Bass

Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

Fishing For Miami Peacock Bass

Just another Miami Monday. It started off as usual, well before sunrise. With large black coffees, and hot teas with honey we arrived at the bait shop to pick up our six dozen live shiners. On our first run we would be pond hopping around the Miami Homestead area. We reached our first destination, a large clear water pond with a shallow bank quickly tapering to a steep rocky drop off. 

We knew from experience that that rocky drop-off is right where the peacock bass like to stage up to ambush unwary pray. There is a lot of sharp rocks so bullbuster fluorocarbon is perfect for this application. We rigged up our size 1 live bait hooks and placed small quarter ounce pinch weights about a foot above the hook on the  fluorocarbon.

Watch Us Catch These Peacocks On Video

We began hooking up our live shiners and casting them just beyond the drop, where we predicted the fish would be.

They were there, they were hungry, and it didn't take long before we started hooking up. We were all super stoked to have a plan come together successfully as we were shooting footage for a YouTube video. It was an epic scene as the sun was coming up over the horizon we were bowed up on peacock bass, they were making leaps into the air. 

A beautiful Miami morning none of us will forget. A few of our teammates even broke their PB'S and one even managed to catch a rare beautiful Jaguar Gapoute cichlid. I believe we managed seven or eight peacock bass at this first location, between the three of us. We were able to capture a bunch of underwater release shot's in the crystal clear water. Then we were off to Chipotle for lunch, and back to the bait shop for a few dozen more shiners for round two.

We ran into a fellow YouTuber, Monster Mike at the bait shop and he gave us some dope spot to go and hit. So we were off on round two. The wind had picked up significantly by this time. We were able to connect with at least another 3 peacock bass at the second location. The team was stoked with the epic bite. 

These peacock bass fight much harder then the large mouth bass we so typically target. The beautiful coloration  and patterning is amazing. The team was able to successfully target multiple species on their Monday in Miami. Go the extra mile or 1000, and spend more time fishing.

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