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Author: The Shark Boys

We Are The Shark Boys!

Hey guys! We are “The Shark Boys” and we are so excited to be apart of the bullbuster community. It was just a few years ago that we spent our day’s pond hopping for largemouth bass, to now driving along the coast looking for monster sharks. Since this is our first article we wanted to introduce ourselves a little bit. The Shark Boys consists of two members, Grant and Bryanna. Growing up in central, New Jersey we found ourselves fishing freshwater almost every day. From trout, to largemouth, to catfish, to walleye. We basically caught them all. We decided one day during the summer that we needed a challenge. The ponds by us were fun for a while but it was time to start catching different species. So we decided why not sharks? That’s the logical thing to do, right? Go from small freshwater fish to huge 8 ft + sharks. 

Here's a picture of Me and Bryanna

Anyway, we did it, however, it did take us a while to get into the hang of it. We spent months going to different beaches and stayed out all hours of the night casting for sharks. We remember getting excited over catching skates and dogfish. We monitored tides, wind, researched every single day and we drove over an hour and a half to the beach every since day just to catch sharks. I think people thought we were crazy since no body in our town even thought of catching a shark before. Anyway, one day came and we were just so fed up. We spent days, weeks, months with nothing. That was it, we called it quits. But suddenly, the pole bent over. At first, we were like “ugh, another dogfish.” To our surprise, when the fish reached the surf, our mouths dropped. We caught our very first Sand Tiger shark. This shark was only about 3 feet long but it was immediate happiness. From that moment on we bought a kayak and a 30W conventional reel and started sending baits. Now we catch shark almost every time we go out! Thank you for reading our first post, and feel free to use our promo code (GBATA) for 10% off your purchases! We look forward to writing more articles and connecting with all of you.

-Grant and Bryanna

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