Bullbuster In Action:

Little Tarpon

Author: Dakotah Mercer

Juvenile Tarpon From The Pier

I caugfht this little tarpon inshore in the right conditions.  It was a blast to catch from the pier.  I caught this one using 20lb bullbuster braided fishing line on a shimano 4000 catana with a simple little spoon tied right to the braid and the braid didn't even have a simple fray. I'm glad to be on the water and spending more time fishing.

  our company to give anglers a better fishing experience the person holding that little tarpon is me and yes i follow ff&w rules and regulations on Floridas fishery and i have never had bullbuster  braid break on me even under extreme stress i love using and fishing with this braid and i really recommend you guys get some this braid the rod i was using was a calico jack hurrican medium heavy action that has a back bone but is also flexable enough to work a much heavy fish then its rated to i true love this company and look foward to working more with them in making them more money my buddy paul would love to get sponsered by you guys and he would greatly appreciate if he did get sponsered but if you guys want more promos i would think about reaching out to him and i really like you guys and how this company expands and is willing to take chances that most companies wont like bullbuster is the best out there and i would really like to see if you guys can try and out fish me on bullbuster products i bet you i would win not trying to sound cocky i just havent met anyone who can out fish me or is willing to spend more then me thankyou you bullbuster for my membership to the bullbuster site. 

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