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If you are writing an article about a certain subject it is often good to offer other resources about that subject as your reader of your subject is looking for information on that subject.  Below is a compilation of articles related to subjects that are covered on bullbuster.net. It is good to add this to the end of your article on this subject. This is a working article and may be updated periodically as we get good articles under each subject. 

If you enjoy fishing for snook following articles on bullbuster.net:

5 Best Snook Fishing Lures - One of the most exciting ways to target snook is to target them with artificial lures.  This article has a countdown of the top 5 lures for catching snook. 

What Fishing Line Do I Need To Catch Snook? - Looking to spool your reels to fish specifically for snook?  We’ve got your back. 

Do I Need Fluorocarbon To Catch Snook? - Snook can be notoriously picky eaters especially near major cities where they see lots of baits casted at them.  Is fluorocarbon a must? This article goes in depth on this topic. 

How To Catch More Snook At Night - Looking to target snook at night?  This article has a few tips to help you be more successful in doing so. 

Why You Should Use Yellow Braid For Snook - People ask us all the time is there a reason for having different colored fishing lines?  In this case the answer is yes. 

How To Rig To Catch Snook From A Pier - At the right time of the year Florida Piers can be loaded with snook.  Learn how to rig for them. 

Other Kayak Fishing Articles You May Be Interested In On Bullbuster.net

Offshore Kayak Fishing - This page is updated regularly by anglers with articles related to kayak fishing offshore. 

Kayak Fishing - This page is updated regularly with articles by anglers who are kayak fishing. 

Sticking More Fish From Your Kayak - This article has a few tips on how to catch more fish from your kayak from Hawaiin Angler Jaren Luke. 

Kayak Fishing For Kingfish - Youtuber “Landshark” goes on a kayak fishing charter targeting kingfish and shares his experience with you. 

Choosing An Offshore Fishing Kayak - Hawaiin Kayak fisherman Tavis Kagawa talks about different types of kayaks that can be used for fishing offshore and the pro’s and cons of each type. 

How To Set Up Your Kayak For Offshore Kayak Fishing - Often only the most expensive kayaks come rigged and ready for multiple types of fishing situations.  In this article the founder of American Yakkers talks about how to rig a simple Ocean Kayak into a fishing machine. 

What Fishing Line Should I Use For Offshore Kayak Fishing - Looking to spool your kayak fishing setup? This article should be helpful. 

Fishing For Mako Sharks From A Kayak - Southern California provides a unique opportunity to target mako sharks from kayaks. 

Kayak Fishing Safety Tips For The Gulf Of Mexico - Kayak fishing safety is important. Team American Yakker talks about what you need to do to stay safe while kayak fishing in the Gulf Of Mexico.  These tips are also relevant while kayaking in other locations as well. 

If you like this article, you may enjoy other shark fishing and landbased shark fishing articles on bullbuster.net like the ones below: 

5 Best Shark Baits For Landbased Shark Fishing - This article has a countdown of the the top 5 best shark fishing baits. 

Florida Shark Fishing Rules - Florida has a ton of new rules related to shark fishing.  Make sure that you are up to date, especially if you are headed down to Florida to target sharks from land. 

How To Prevent Fatalities When Fishing For Sharks - With big sharks like hammerheads there is a lot that you can do when it comes to preventing fatalities.  

How To Make A Rig For Big Sharks - When it comes to big sharks, you need some heavy gear. Shark fishermen use heavy drags and need thick monofilament lines to make the leadering process safer and faster. 

How To Make  A Castable Shark Rig - Surf fishing with spinning gear is one way to catch small to medium size sharks. 

How To Find A Shark Spot Using Google Maps - New to shark fishing, one way to find shark fishing spots is by using google maps.  

How To Choose Your Shark Hook - New to shark fishing from land? This article will help with you hook choice. 

Choosing Your Fishing Line For Shark Fishing - Looking to target sharks? This article will help you choose how to spool your reel for the type of shark that you are targeting. 

If You Like This Article, You May Like Other Tuna Fishing Articles

Best Destinations For Yellowfin Tuna - Looking to take a fishing vacation? This article talks about where to go.  There are plenty of fishing destinations in the world, but these are the top 10 yellowfin tuna destinations. 

List Of San Diego Long Range Tuna Boats - San Diego is home to the world’s largest live bait fishing fleet.  These boats are basically fishing hotels with onboard chefs and insane fishing amenities.  Anglers from around the world travel to San Diego California to experience this unique fishing adventure opportunity. 

Key West Blackfin Tuna Catch & Cook - Youtuber Landshark shares his experience with fishing for tuna in Key West.  

Overnight Yellowfin Tuna Trip Out Of Dana Point California - Bullbuster founder Colby Uva takes a trip aboard the “Fury” out of Dana Wharf California to target yellowfin tuna. 

Northeast Bluefin Tuna Q&A - Bullbuster.net member The Tree Guy talks northeast bluefin tuna. 

Bluefin Tuna On Spinning Tackle - Bluefin tuna on spinners?  Yup. Spinning tackle has advanced in the past decade.  Bigger fish are being landed with new techniques. 

What Mono Should I Use For My Tuna Greenstick Reel? - Greensticks were once only for commercial fishermen. Now hardcore recreational anglers are giving them a shot and with sucess.  This article talks about how to spool your Greenstick reel. 

How To Preserve Your Yellowfin Tuna After You Catch It - Tuna are schooling fish which means when you catch one you often catch more. This article talks about 

The History Of The European Bluefin Tuna Fishery - Cool Youtube documentary on the history of the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. 

If you enjoyed this article you may also like other dolphin fishing articles on bullbuster.net:

Best Recipes For Mahi Mahi - Mahi are one of the best tasting fish on the planet! Here are a few recipes from the web to cook your mahi.  

Run & Gun For Mahi - “Running and gunning” is one of the most effective techniques for targeting mahi in South Florida.  This allows you to cover lots of ground and find more fish. Read the article to learn more about this technique. 

What Fishing Line Do I Need For Mahi Mahi - Learn how to spool your reels to target mahi. 

How To Target Mahi  - This is another guide on targeting mahi in South Florida. 

Tackle & Lures For Mahi -This guide talks about targeting mahi using lures.  

Local Florida Recipe For Mahi - A local South Florida resident and Bullbuster Ambassador Albert Acosta talks about his favorite recipe for mahi. 

Other Articles Related To Catching Baitfish For Livebaiting On Bullbuster.net:

DIY Bait Well # 1 - Youtuber "Landshark" made a video on making a DIY Baitwell this article includes the video , an explanation, as well as a material list with links on where to buy the materials for this project.  This baitwell is good for transporting baits from one location to another or for pier fishing. 

DIY Bait Well # 2- This is another DIY Live Bait Well project. It comes complete with instructions as well as a material list. 

Farming Your Own Baitfish - Not to many people farm their own baitfish, so at this point this is pretty theoretical, but the research is out there, and we are sure someday soon we are going to be seeing some converted back yard pools for just this. 

The Ultimate Guide To Pinfish - This article is a comprehensive guide to pinfish, where they live, where to catch them, and how to use them. 

How To Catch Your Own Ballyhoo - This article by Youtuber “Landshark” covers how to catch your own ballyhoo. This includes locations and techniques to do so. 

How To Catch Big Livebaits Offshore -  This article by Youtuber “Landshark” covers how to catch your own  large live baits for offshore fishing. Once you have caught your big live baits, you may also want to make your own tuna tubes, to keep them alive. 

How To Catch Pinfish -  This article doesn’t go as in depth as our ultimate pinfish guide, but it does have a good video to go with it.   

DIY Tuna Tubes - This article has some of the best videos from the web compiled into one place about how to make your own tuna tubes. Tuna tubes are used by big game fishermen to keep tunas alive for bait. Tunas need a lot more flow of water to stay alive than your average baitfish, so the tube literally simulates the tuna swimming forward at all times and never stopping. 

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