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Lets Catch Some Sharks!

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Sharks on the Beach.

The tide and weather both looked good this past weekend, so the team decided to hit the beach and shark fish. We got there a few minutes before sunset which left us just enough time to set up before it got dark out. 

Natural Bait Presentation.

Our choice of bait was Mullet, as they are thick this time of year which helps with more of a “natural presentation” of bait. We’ve tried stingray, mackerel, and even jacks, and it seems right now the Mullet is the best option.  Our rigs consisted of 2 feet of #10 131lb wire, 10 feet of 500lb Mono leader, and a 10/0 Mustad Demon 3x strong hook; besides our first shark, which we didn't use any wire and just tied the hook onto the 500lb mono leader. We did this because of two reasons; some anglers claim that sharks can sense metal and having a wire or cable leader will deter sharks away, and we were curious if the smaller species of sharks can bite through mono.

sharks on sand

After about three hours of waiting with not a single run, the two other shark fishing groups near us decided to pack up and leave. Little did they know if only they waited a few more minutes, there would have been sharks on the beach. In the quietness of the night, we heard one of our Spinfisher 8500’s go off. Ashley jumped on the rod and started to fight this Sandbar; not bad for our first shark of the night.

using bolt cutters to release a shark

Bolt Cutters are a must have when Shark Fishing.

We like to bring bolt cutters to the beach as it’s safer for both us and the shark. Some people like to de-barb the hooks, but we prefer to cut them. De-barbing them makes it a lot easier to de-hook the shark, but you also have a higher likelihood of a shark spitting the hook. Cutting the hook provides the assurance of a higher hookup-to-catch ratio, but still makes it easy to de-hook and release the shark. After all, we want the shark to swim off alive and healthy after we release it.

shark on the beach

About 15 minutes after releasing our first shark, Damien gets hooked up with another Sandbar. This one was a little larger than the first, and put up a decent fight. This one didn’t initially take a lot of line, but once it saw the sandbar about 50 yards off the beach, it decided it had more energy than we thought.

fighting a shark on the beach
shark on the beach

Shortly after releasing the second shark, Ricky gets hooked up with this Lemon. We can’t express enough how fun it is to catch sharks on the larger spinning reels. They put up so much more of a fight compared to catching them on large conventional reels (which are overkill for smaller sharks). All in all, we had another successful night putting sharks on the beach.

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