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Author: Str8_Hookn

Landbased Shark Fishing Report

You can’t always let the weather dictate your fishing. It may end up being a really great day for sharking; if you can put up with getting a little wet. 

It was a Saturday and we had been watching Florida weather at its best. Finally, between thunderstorms we decided to head to the beach and drop some baits. On this trip, we had a new comer to salt water fishing with us. In fact, not only was Scot new to saltwater fishing but also had never shark fished before. Little did he know, he was in for a treat tonight.

Fortunately, the weather turned around. The thunderstorms departed and the ocean laid down to a small one foot swell. The guys with more experience paddled first to give Scot the change to see what was happening and to ask questions. He watched how the lines were bated, the communication between paddler and the guy back on the beach; watched the reel set up, and then the paddle back. After a while, it was finally his turn. Out he went, slow and steady. He was not in a hurry, building confidence with every stroke. After a few hundred yards, he dropped his bait and returned to the beach without incidence. Now the wait begins. 

About two hours into the soak, one of the Duel 9/0W line goes limp. I grabbed the harness casually, strapped in, and waited. Thirty seconds later, the clicker on the Duel comes to life. A nice steady run. I pick up the rod and connect the AFTCO harness. Another twenty seconds and I ease the drag to strike. The rod begins to double over and the fish realizes he is not getting a free meal. Eight minutes pass until a 109inch total length and a fifty inch girth, 300lb Lemon shark comes onto the beach. A tag was put in, the hook is removed, and pictures were snapped. The fish, as always, was then released back into the ocean. It was a good solid fish, but still 160 pounds shy of the last Lemon caught at the end of April. 

After that release, there was not much rest. It hadn’t been more than 30 minutes later and Scot was still in awe talking about the recent catch when his 9/0W sounded off. The fish seemed to have a little bit of an attitude but Scot seemed to be up for the challenge. He put the harness on and with some guidance, connected the rod and reel. The fight immediately begins. The fish comes in slow; Scot does his best at level winding as he has never done anything like this before. This isn’t exactly like the freshwater fishing he’s done in the past but you can tell he was excited and eager to see his first shark. Fifteen minutes later, we had a 75 inch Lemon Shark on the beach. Not bad for your first shark! A quick hook removal, tag inserted and a few triumphant pictures of Scot and his first fish and it was released back into the ocean. 

Overall, it was a great trip after the rain started cooperating. We were glad to introduce someone knew to sharking. He’s definitely interested in continuing to do this and is even talking about getting his own gear. We were happy to get him hooked up and share our passion with him. 

Both fish were released in good health and all hardware was removed. The reels were spooled with Bullbuster 130 pound braid backing and Bullbuster 150 pound mono top shot. 

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