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Lemonade Out Of Lemons?!

Author: Team Swordacrazy

Surprise Catch While Daytime Swordfishing

So we decided since the weather has been amazing the past few days that we were going to make an overnight sword fishing trip. We prepped the SeaHunter and rigged all the baits we would need and of course loaded up on groceries and beverages. Daylight comes and we are headed offshore 80 miles to our favorite lump. We get to the grounds after a couple of hours and begin daytime dropping. After a 45 min drift we bring it up only to find out it's been a tangled mess down there 😔. 

It happens, we made several more drops throughout the day with not even a sniff. Night time starts to descend and we hit that new energy and excitement stage in anticipation of catching a sword at night in the Spur. Well afternoon 12 hours of drifting without a bite we were starting to get discouraged. The next morning we eased back inshore to our lump and made a drop. After about 5 min the rod tip started to be bounce. A couple moves of the bait and we were tight. The fish came up easily until half way were it started to pull some drag. It then resumed its easy ascent to the surface were to our disappointment we saw that we had caught a pomfret. After two more drifts with nothing to show we decided to head in. The moral of the story is to never give up and always keeps trying because eventually it will pay off. 

The Pomfret That Made The Day

Pomfret Caught While Daytime Swordfishing

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