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Landing This Fish Was A Miracle... Big Snook Light Tackle

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Gulf Coast  Of Florida Landbased Snook Fishing With Light Tackle

What's up guys, my name is Viktor from Landshark Fishing. Recently I took a trip over the west coast of Florida to visit some family.  I took my aunt fishing, to a spot we use to go when I was much younger and had no idea what I was doing. 

"We immediately noticed a big pod of snook working a school of greenies on the beach."

My aunt is actually the reason Im fishing today as she got me into the sport, that I have decided to make my profession. Needles to say, we were on our way to Longboat pass, which connects Longboat Key and Anna Maria Island. 

I had not fished here in years and had no idea what to expect. We immediately noticed a big pod of snook working a school of greenies on the beach. Well, turned out we weren't allowed to fish the beach, as the lifeguard deemed it unsafe, due to the current. Our only other option was to fish under the bridge. 

Now, I needed some bait. I walked up and down the beach where we were permitted, and looked for hardier larger baits that could withstand the heavy current. I found a small pod of pinfish and got around a dozen! 

I literally had to jump in the water to get this fish around the piling!

We moved our stuff over to the bridge and I began to flatline, my pinfish into the current letting it sweep into the shadow line of the bridge. All of the people that i talked to said the fishing had been slow that day, so I bumped my leader down to 20lb bullbuster fluorocarbonwith a 1/0 circle hook, to try and buy a bite. Well sure enough it worked, within seconds I was hooked up to something I could not stop on my 10lb outfit and the only way to avoid being broken off on the pilings was to go for a swim! And swim i did! I made my way around al the pilings of the bridge, with my reel smoking from a big snook on the other end. The fish had taken a solid 100 yard run and was not stopping. 

Releasing A Nice Ana Maria Island Snook

The next obstacle was getting my fish around several buoys and sets of rocks on the seawall. With patience, I was able to finally get my fish out of harms way and into the open. Now the trick was to find an open beach where I could unhook and release my fish. My gf and I found a little beach and were able to grab a hold of the fish! Success and slob snook on very light gear, made for a memorable day. 

The snook was not a giant, but a healthy 36in fish and very skinny for its length. Sometimes you gotta lighten your gear and tackle to get the bites and learn the finesse game. 

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