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Landbased Shark Fishing Is In Our Roots

Author: Bullbuster Team

"What's the biggest fish you've ever lost?" Ask any fisherman this question and get ready for the fish story. For every record caught, countless records have been lost. These missed opportunities and the sleepless nights that follow haunt each and every one of us. Whether it's a grander that took you to the knot or a 10 pound largemouth that broke the line, losing big fish hurts your soul and your wallet. We know this as much as anybody.

Land Based Shark Fishing
The Bullbuster team started as a four man land based shark fishing team. With Anglers Colby Uva, Eddie Castaneda, Steven Stallings, and Zack Howell (not pictured here).

The Bullbuster Team started as a land based shark fishing team. No, we weren't the best. In fact, we spent a lot of our time getting skunked and losing fish. What we lacked in knowledge we made up for in effort though. For every fish we lost or night spent without a bite, we became that much more hungry. 

Land Based Shark Fishing
This picture of a trip to the West Coast of Florida with Bullbuster team mates Eddie, and Alfredo. Note the light tackle.
First Landbased Lemon Shark
Picture circa 2007. Colby Uva & Alex Castaneda with our first landbased lemon shark we caught after sneaking into an un-named beach late at night through miles of mangroves.

 When we first started shark fishing we were only in high school, so our budget was pretty low.  We had an assembly of small reels a TLD 20 which we promptly spooled with 50Lb braid, a few nice Penn Spinners and a few other conventional reels.  In the early days we would swim baits off the beach.  That was way before we invested in the kayak.  

We then turned to bridge fishing because it was way easier to get our baits out with the changing tides and a good balloon or two.  Bridge fishing became a way of life and we spent many a night on a keys bridge waiting for bites all night. 

Keys Bridge Fishing
Team Bullbuster's first keys bridge fishing trip (Team Members Colby Uva, Eddie Castaneda, & Alfredo Hernandez)

Team mate Eddie Castaneda hooks up to a nice fish off of Channel 2 bridge in Islamorada, Fl.

Keys Bridge Fishing
Our first bridge fishing trip to the keys

Colby borrowed a 50 wide from his neighbor and thats when the reel sharks started coming in.  We found a spot where the Bullsharks congregated and it wasn't uncommon to fish for a few hours everynight and get a nice Bull!  This was a true beginning for the name Bullbuster.

Big Bullshark

This was our first decent size shark. It was caught on a 50 wide that almost got dumped 3 times and with the help of team member Eddie Castaneda who came up with an ingenious idea that helped us circumvent the pilings of where we were fishing.

The Bullbuster Team joined the South Florida Shark Club in 2009 looking for answers on how to catch bigger and bigger sharks more consistently.  It was a blast and we learned a lot.  We also met some great people who taught us what only years of tradition could teach.  The club is a place where the old shark fishermen and the new come together to share the shark fishing culture. A culture that many people might not know has existed for more than 100 years and  on almost every continent.   (Check out Team Rebel's awesome write up on Shark Fishing In South Africa In The Whaling Days).

South Florida Shark Club
Bullbuster Team members Colby and Alex meet the South Florida Shark Club for the first time. A lot of awesome people in this picture right here.

We met a lot of great people in the Club and got involved in the shark fishing community.  Members of the Club like William Fundura the clubs president inspired us to go for bigger and better fish.  Will is not only extreme dedicated to keeping the club alive, but also preserving its history and South Beach roots.  He has a lot to teach and often fund the club out of his own pocket to keep the legends alive.  

Land Based Shark Fishing Lemon Shark
South Florida Shark Club president William Fundura (right) and club member Kenny (left) keep the sport alive by fishing with Sun Sentitnel reporters regarding a beach closure.

Members like Joshua Jorgenson, now the host of the hit youtube show BlacktipH fishing inspired us all to travel to new heights with crazy adventures such as a trip to Cape Cod to target Great White Sharks.  That was a crazy adventure on its own! 

Land Based Shark Fishing Trip
Bullbuster Team member Colby with Tony (Sea Hawk) and Blake Thompson loading up for a night targeting great white sharks in Chatam, MA.
Land Based Shark Fishing Trip
Josh Jorgensen with his original headcam gets his gear ready for the trip. Blake has just finished a good talk with our hilarious Lobster fishing host.
Shark Fishing For Great Whites
A 14/0 Soaking some baits as Marine Scientist Greg Skomal tries to sattelite tag a Great White shark on the surface a few hundred yards away from our baits.

Then came the tournament days.  The Big Hammer Challenge was a great opportunity to get our younger team members (well young at the time) involved in the sport.  We brought on angler Steven Stallings and Zack Howell to make a four person team for the big hammer challenge.  The Big Hammer Challenge was a marathon. 30 Days puts a whole new meaning to hardcore shark fishing. 

Our tournament days are on pause for now.  The team has moved into a whole lot of different directions.  Colby doesn't get to do a ton of fishing as he is spooling, answering e-mails, trying to make sure you spend more time fishing. Eddie has joined the Coral Gables Police Department (they are lucky to have him).  Zack just graduated from college and is just starting out in his career.  and Steven, well Steven the runt of the pack has been out in the fishing world killing it.  After working on the Miss Britt for several years he bought his own Sea Vee with a partner and traveled over 1800 miles to catch marlin in the islands.  On his return he hopped on a plane and fished for Marlin in Africa, Madeira, and Bermuda (we expect to see him at an IGFA Hall Of Fame Ceremony on stage one day). 

What ever you do in life.  Don't forget your roots, and use fishing to fuel your journey throughout life.  Spending more time fishing isn't just about  just catching fish, its about spending more time with your family and significant others, and  taking the time to reflect back on your life.  Its about getting off of the computer, getting out into nature, getting back to your roots.  We hope that you remember your roots and spend more time fishing. 

Landbased Shark Fishing Trips
Day 1 of fishing for the big Hammer Challenge. The car definitely did not stay this organized the whole month.

Fresh Shark Bait For Landbased Shark Fishing
Thanks to Bullbuster ambassador L&H Sportfishing we were always stocked up on great bait!

Big Bullshark Landbased Shark Fishing
8ft. + Bullshark caught on an old school bluefin tuna rod and an old Penn 14/0. Team mate Eddie (left) and Colby (right).

Bullbuster team members Zack (left) and Steven (right) with a little shark that went off on the spinning rod.

Then came the tournament days. The Big Hammer Challenge was a great opportunity to get our younger team members (well young at the time) involved in the sport.  We brought on angler Steven Stallings and Zack Howell to make a four person team for the big hammer challenge. 

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