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Land Based Shark Fishing

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Beautiful Day Shark Fishing At The Beach

In this video, we meet our good friend Patrick from PB Fishing (Youtube) out on the beach. We're mostly fishing our light tackle reels, as the Blacktips are thick this time of year. Our choice of bait is Mullet and Jacks, which we just caught 2 days prior. 

Spinfisher, 65 lb braid

More Bang for your Buck with Bullbuster.

Our Spinfisher 8500's are filled with Bullbuster 65lb Braided Fishing Line. If you use a machine to spool your reels, spool your line extra tight. These reels are only rated to 475yrds of 65lb braid, but we managed to fit 600yrds on them! This allows us to kayak out our baits further than normal but still allowing us to have peace of mind if we do happen to hook into some larger sharks. We were also using 10/0 Mustad Demon 3x Strong hooks, #10 Wire, and 500lb Mono as the leader.

beach fishing


Our first shark of the evening was this Blacktip, caught on the surf rod which always makes it a fun fight. This one stripped about 75yrds on it's initial run, and also was taking line after we set the drag! 

blacktip shark

Our next shark was another Blacktip. This one also fought like a tank for it's size, making it fun and putting up a great fight!

Overall, we had a great night. We did break off a few times after hooking up, but we realized there was structure not too far off the beach which we where getting hung up on. We ended up taking off some of the braid we had on our spinning reels, and added an 80lb top-shot, which prevented us from breaking off for the rest of the night.

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