Bullbuster In Action:

Kings, Gags And Mack Attack!

Author: Albert Acosta

Inshore Fishing Mayhem!

Nice Gag Grouper
Gag on Bullbuster

My little brother David called me a couple of weeks ago and said his friend Todd wanted to take us on a fishing trip out on the west coast of Florida. I said awesome let's do it! Todd had scouted out week prior with my brother and they punished the kings out of Apollo Beach. Night before heading out we rigged up and got all the rods and reels ready. Plan was to head out early buy some bait then stop and catch some greenbacks. I set up my King slayer combo...

Bullbuster 50 lb Braid on Avet MXL
Bullbuster Ready to Go!

...my Avet MXL 5.8 MC loaded with 50 lb Bullbuster Braid with a 3 foot leader of Bullbuster fluorocarbon, which then was finished off with a stinger rig that Todd had made for us.

Kingfish Stinger Rig

If you have ever fished for kingfish you know you have to use a stinger rig if you are using live baits for kingfish. If you don't have the right set up you will loose the fish in an instant. Here is a stinger rig Todd had ready for us. Beautiful stinger rig set up with swivel 6-7 inches of wire then size 4 hook then some more wire and then small treble hook. This set up is deadly for kings.

My brother and I headed out and met Todd at the marina to load up. Sun was still down and Todd's boat was on the water already lit up ready to slay some fish.... a beautiful boat... a Tidewater 23 and she was ready for some action. 

Night lights

Todds Boat
Night Lights

We headed out into the Gulf of Mexico as the sun rose hoping to get some action...it was a beautiful sunrise...nothing like early mornings on the west coast heading out to fish. 

Gulf of Mexico Sunrise

We made a quick stop at the St Pete bridge to catch some bait. We used two sabiki set ups and sure enough we started catching some bait. We had pinfish and greenbacks.... we were locked and loaded! We headed out and made a few stops until Todd found a spot that looked good. We threw a few stinger rigs out with live greenbacks and slow trolled around a large marker. After a few passes Todd said let's put it in neutral and let the baits swim down... sure enough 10 seconds later I was on! I had a nice king on and he was ripping line out of my reel. I fought the king until he was tired and got him boatside. My brother David grabbed the gaff and we had blood on the deck!

Kingfish Caught on Bullbuster Braid

After we landed the king my brothers bait was hit and a big king jumped out of the water as it inhaled the bait but this king got away. My brother decided to put a pinfish down deeper on one of the lighter setups loaded with Bullbuster 40lb Braid and 40 lb fluorocarbon. My brother said he could feel the pinfish swimming for it's life and sure enough boom nasty hit and run. He fought the fish for a few minutes and got it boatside, a nice gag grouper

David with Gag Grouper
Gag Grouper

Gag on live pinfish

Gags are great fighters and a very tasty fish! It's not season so the gag was set free and she swam away happily. We kept fishing and soon Todd was on with a blistering run. Todd fought the fish hard but this fish was fighting back! This fish did not want any part of being caught... but after a few minutes he brought the fish up....a huge bonito. After a few pics we set her free. 

Todd with Bonito

Todd Lands Bonito

We then headed into shallower waters to see what we could find and it didn't take long until we were on to some nice Spanish Macks

Spanish Macks
Nice Mack

After a few nice Macks we called it a day. We had some good fish in the fish box and it was time to head in. We had a great day! Hope you enjoyed my fishing report! Stay tuned for my next article on how we prepared these fish to eat with my brothers recipe kingfish dip! Remember to order your fishing line at Bullbuster.net Great selection of fishing lines for all your fishing needs. Super strong line and fast delivery. Helps you spend more time fishing!

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