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Kayak Fishing With Toothy Predators!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Targeting Kingfish From Kayaks

While looking for bait on the beach one day, I met another angler and after exchanging stories he came to reveal he ran a Kayak fishing charter right here in South Florida. He runs Deep blue kayak fishing a kayak specific fishing charter, that takes people both inshore and offshore to fish for a multitude of species.

Launching A Fishing Kayak From The Beach

I have heard of kayak fishing for a while now, and have seen the popularity of the sport explode in recent years. I mean its the perfect way to get offshore on calmer days without the need, hassle or expenses that go along with boats. It's an intimate way to fish as well, and proves to be a real challenge as you have to overcome many obstacles, with the limited space on a kayak.

Catching A Kingfish From A Kayak

Eric the owner of Deep Blue invited me to go fishing on his charter in exchange for social media promotion and I was beyond excited to take him up on his offer.

We began the day trolling the beach for blue runners, to layer be used as live bait. We managed a few, but we ended up buying live goggle eye from a local bait boat. 

Kingfish Underwater

We began drifting with live baits and vertical jigging in 300ft of water. Eric and his partner started the day with a football size Blackfin tuna and keeper red grouper on vertical jigs! Then immediately after got hit on my live goggle eye and hooked up to a nice king mackerel! This is where I absolutely love kayak fishing, when it comes to landing fish! Being on a kayak and level with the water makes it a truly unique experience, and challenging one! Picture gaffing a toothy pissed off fish, and then slinging him in between your feet! 

Deep Blue Kayak Charters

Kayak fishing certainly provides for excellent fishing opportunities especially in the South East Florida area where getting to the Gulf Stream  where big pelagic fish roam, is only a paddle away! 

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10 Tips To Catch More Kingfish

Fishing for kingfish can be a lot of fun!  Smoker kingfish have inspired big tournaments like the SKA series and smaller meat fish tournaments in the South East United States. Kingfish are voracious eaters and can be targeted using lots of methods.  In South Florida they can be seen skyrocketing out of the water to destroy kite baits, in Gulf States they are often targeted using slow trolled ribbonfish on down riggers, and just about everywhere they are willing to eat big blue runners and goggle eyes fished deep.   (Read10 Tips To Catch More Kingfish)

Learn How To Cook Kingfish

Kingfish is an awesome gamefish to eat, you just need to know how to cook it. If its fresh it can be good on the grill or in the oven, but this is a fish that can also be made into a mean fish dip if you have a smoker.  We also found a few exotic recipes that you can put to the test. We put this article together as a part of an article series to help you spend more time fishing as well as to enjoy your catch with your family and friends. ( Watch Videos To Learn How To Cook Kingfish)