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Just The Two Of Us - Massive Stingray

Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

Huge Sringray Caught Off The Coast Of Delaware

Another successful mid-june fishing expedition along the coastal beaches of Delaware. The morning started off early as usual, well before sunrise around 4 a.m. lugging and dragging all of our heavy gear across the dunes to the edge of the surf line. It happened to be the second day of summer a calm chilly morning with a slight Northwest breeze. The morning songs of the shorebirds could be heard in the distance along with the scurrying about of the ghost crabs hard at work digging their burrows. The salty smell of the ocean air and the subtle crashing of waves upon the shore line tingled our senses. We wasted little time setting up our sand spikes lining up our rods and tying on our homemade shark rigs. Hooking on a few baits, cownose rays, bluefish, and bunker. After paddling the baits out and deploying we rigged up our surf rods and began casting chunks into the surf to see if any stripers or chompers were present.

About an hour later we had our first run on the 6/0 with the blue fish. After landing and inspecting the shark we determined it to be a Atlantic sharp nose. I paddled the 6/0 back out and took a surf rod line along with it and dropped it at about 200 yards. Not long after that bait was picked up, setting the hook I quickly realized it was a monster peeling line from my reel effortlessly. After a few blistering runs I realized what I was up against when it sucked to the bottom and was nearly impossible to budge. We were excited as we had hooked up on several of these massive stingrays at this location but never landed one due to line breaks. It ended up being a grueling 40-minute battle. My only teammate present was a fierce female angler named Ellisa. She didn't hesitate and went in and grab it by the tail to land it. While landing and dehooking the 6/0 went off again. Unfortunately the shark got off while we were dealing with the massive Stingray.

We were both pretty exhausted after that ordeal but just our luck another screaming run and teammate Ellisa was hooked up on what ended up being the first sandbar shark of the season. A beautiful female specimen, we tagged and released. We both agreed we would name her Sea-aira, it was a very successful and productive morning. Packing up our gear we left before the lifeguards showed up and the endless flocks of beach patrons. The Bullbuster brand slogan spend more time fishing couldn't be a more honest statement, it's the only way to succeed in this sport, putting in your time and having patience and being and willing to go the extra mile.

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