Bullbuster In Action:

J Hook FTW

Author: Jeff Reyes

Recently I've seen lots of articles about the whole J hook vs Circle hook debate. I never really used J hooks due to the fact that I usually like getting my hooks back and because I don't like gut hooking fish but I got interested in seeing how they do so I bought a pack of 12/0 j hooks and went fishing.  
        After being used to fishing circles and setting hook by bumping the drag up I knew it was going to be fun setting hook or atleast attempting to set hook. I ran out 2 baits with J hooks and just like I expected I lost more fish than I've lost all season in circles. After running baits again I was determined to catch a shark on a j hook. Maybe I wasn't letting the sharks run long enough. 
      I let the sharks run a bit longer but not long enough to where I'd gut hook them. I had a run on the 50w with a smaller bait to catch blacktips and ended up catching a sharpnose that was kept for scientific purposes lol. 


  I noticed that the hook was in the corner of the mouth which was surprising even though it was a small shark with tiny jaws. Later that day I yaked baits again and had a decent run which I again let eat a bit longer before setting hook. It was a healthy bull hooked on the bottom of the mouth.