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Improvements With The Bullbuster Line Capacity Tool

Author: Bullbuster Team

As part of our mission to help you spend more time fishing.  We are continuously improving the way we deliver our core product which is fishing line.   A few months ago we announced that we had collected the line capacities of over 800 reels to create our the ultimate tool to buy fishing line online.  Today we would like to let you know about some tweaks to the tool that we believe make it a lot easier to use. 

1) We  have cleaned up the tools interface on the main braid, and monofilament pages.

Find Out The Braided Line Capacity Of Your Reel
Find Out The Monofilament Line Capacity Of Your Reel

2) We have reduced the fields that you need when you already know what selection reel and type of line you are going to need. 

If you have a lot of Shimano Reels you will probably be using the Shimano Braided Line Capacity page often.

Below are a list of reel companies that we have braided line capacities for: 

Below are a list of reel companies that we have monofilament line capacities for: 

3) We Made It So You Could Select The Number Of Reels You Want To Spool: 

Select How Many Reels You Need To Spool
Lets say you have 4 of the same reels. We multiply their line capacities to give you how much line you will need for all of them.

Get rid of the pen paper and calculator (or smart phone), we've got your back. No need for math, just go fishing. 

Find Out Your Line Capacity Results
Here you can see that the spool will fill all 4 of your reels a little bit more than twice. In which case you are going to have plenty of line for a while.

4) If You Don't See What You Need Let Us Know So We Can Improve Our Service To You!

If you get this error message click the "click here" tool to send us some feedback!

Form For Line Tool Error Submissions
Use this form to let us know what line capacities you want to see in our tool.