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Fishing For Tarpon In Naples

The migrating tarpon have been thick just off the beach in Naples lately. I've been chasing them around in the kayak at sunrise without much luck on recent trips. I decided it was time to target them from the sand again ,as I know they are usually more willing to eat a cut bait sitting on the ocean floor. It was late afternoon when I loaded up three tarpon rods and headed out on a solo mission. Soon after arriving at my spot, the afternoon storms were starting to fire up just a few miles away. I kept an eye on them as I kayaked the baits out, hoping they would push out to the gulf. After kayaking out some cut baits (mackerel, catfish, and ladyfish) I patiently waited for a reel to go off. At this point the storms started to blow up and bolts were crashing from the sky.

Thunderstorm In Naples

The sun had just set when I heard one of the reels screaming, I look over and start running towards them and it's the Avet getting dumped. I quickly pick it up, set the hook, and put the heat on em' pushing the drag to the max at 22lbs. You might think 22lbs of drag can handle most fish, that is, until you hook a big tarpon. The tarpon peeled off line like it wasn't hooked and I knew for sure that there was a solid fish on the end. After a couple jumps, a few hard runs, burnt thumb from the 65# Bullbuster braided line, and around an hour fight, the beast was landed with the help of a couple bystanders. Finally, after all those hours put in on the sand, a solid fish! I encourage you guys to get out and put in the time so that you too can land some monster fish this summer! If you would like to book a fishing tour check out https://paddlenaples.com 

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