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Huge Hammer Head

Author: Logan Bergamo

Big Hammerhead Caught From The Beach

You talk about an ham sandwich.... l caught an 13+  hammer head land based style crazy story... we get to the around noon paddle our baits out around 250 yards and 600 yards around 3:30 pm we see an boat coming in the far distance didn’t think anything about until it kept getting closer and closer then it looked like it turned out so we forgot about it and about 5 minutes later my boom drop went screaming I look up to see that it was just the boat so I dropped my 130 into free spool and let the boat eat 1200 plus of bullbuster Hollowcore. Lucky I was smart and had an spool of bullbuster 200 Hollowcore braid in my truck so I tied the braid to my 130 then took the spool of braid and a 1000 pound bullbuster leader and an chunk of ray and and an hundred yard spool of 200 pound mono on the kayak and paddle  1200 yards out cut the braid from the spool the tied my top shot of 200 pound and then paddle another hundred yards tied my 1000 pound leader with my bait and dropped my bait at around 1400 yards out. Then my buddy back at the reel started to reel up some line in and left the bait out about 600 yards it’s started to get dark and the reel started screaming again harnessed up and fought it for 35 minutes safely released crazy story tho caught my personal best hammer head on an crazy adventure hand spooled my 130 plus top shot on an kayak dropped the bait at 1400 yards reeled up 800 yards of line and 1 hour later hooked an fish of an life time all thanks to bullbuster and my need to keep fishing 

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