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Hollow-Core A Winner!!

Author: Angler Management Fishing

Always exciting to get some new product.  Especially when it is Bullbuster product!

Finally had a reason to get some new Hollow-core to spool a reel and make some custom wind-on leaders. First off, let me say I've been a "Jerry Brown" fan forever it seems but I finally have the Bullbuster hollow braid a shot. Very impressed, nice strong and make great wind on leaders that are as solid as any I've ever built!

Braid for Swordfishing
Our braid has virtually no stretch. This means it has the sensitivity you need when trying to feel elusive bites. This is great for the soft thump of a a snook, or the distant thrashings of a daytime swordfish.

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What is Hollow-Core?

Target Species When Jigging With Braid Include:

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