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Hammer Time

Author: Team Reel Deal

Nice Hammerhead We Caught From The Beach

Hammerhead Caught From The  Beach

March 9th. The day started around 2 am Thursday morning. We went to get fresh bait at a spot and waded my flat spot to gig a few rays. It was slow and we only got one ray but luckily I had others back in the freezer from a previous trip and we were heading to the beach. 

"Then it booked out to sea with the 80w getting smoked"

We got all the gear set up and baited our hooks and we were ready to kayak baits. We were fishing by 5 am. The baits we were using were mostly ray and a shark chunk we felt really good about the day. The first drops were a tiagra 80w and the 12/0 penn senator both with Ray. Wasn't even finished kayaking baits and we were hooked up on a giant.

"A boat decided to drive right beyond the breakers... I headed out on the kayak to tell him to drive further out... I wasn't loosing another fish"

I was in the kayak and the fish that was hooked up came flying near me making all kinds of craziness within 5 ft, then it booked out to sea with the 80w getting smoked to a point where it had us at half spool by the time I got back to shore they did gain an inch from this beast the only thing happening was putting my buddy that tagged along with us in alot of pain haha he could barely hold the rod. We ended up loosing the fish, but we weren't deterred, we just kept at it. 

All was quite for a while and around 11 am we finally get another run and it's another hammerhead.Just steadily pulling drag. 45 min into the fight a boat decided to to drive right beyond the breakers so I headed out on the kayak to tell him to drive further out and had to stay there to direct the other 2 boats that were coming as well kinda dangerous in my part but I wasn't losing another fish. When I finally got back they had the shark within a 100yrds of the beach. Little while later we were able to tail rope this beach and pull him to shore for a couple pictures and got the hook out and put this shark back in the water to fight another day.

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