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Hammer Time

Author: The Shark Boys

Fishing For Hammerhead Sharks From The Beach

After driving thousands of miles back and forth to Florida in search of a hammer head, we finally got the one we were looking for. We set out at 5 o'clock with our friend David from SharkersTM. Had baits out by 6, had our first shark (nurse) on by 6 and had a hammer on by 7. The hammer picked up the cownose ray we had out over and over after a few missed hook attempts. This fish just kept coming back. Something we are not used to fishing in jersey. Once hooked it felt like we had hooked a boat. 

In New jersey we have never had a shark pull even an inch of drag. If a sand tiger pulls drag on a big game reel, your preset is way to low for a real shark. This hammer took off pulling drag off a maxed out 80 like it was nothing. After a hard battle we had the hammer to the beach in about 30 minutes. (not bad for our first one) quick pic, cut the hook in half and swam her back out. We never removed the fish from the water so when we brought her passed the sandbar she kicked off strong and was gone just like that. After feeling what a real shark is like its going to be really hard to paddle a bait in NJ . for a sand tiger. This fish made us immediately book a trip back to florida in march to hopefully check tiger and bull sharks off the list.

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