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Hammer On The Beach

Author: Team Reel Deal

Winter Hammerhead From The Beach

It started off with a ton of downs. Nothing was going in our favor. It was December 24th we couldn't get the bait out the freezer and we had a million things to do. We wanted to be on the beach by 10am and didn't get there till 2pm. With baits in the water by three. I was jokingly telling josh that we going to hook a giant  (12 plus). 

As we were joking around we got the baits out, when you are on the beach you have time to talk about all kinds of things.  While we were talking, out of the corner of my eye,  I saw the 130 bow down and pop back up. I ran over and flipped into free spool and it just started going and going and going and going. I knew instantly that we were hooked into a beast. I knew it was 12 at least just by the first run!

 I fought it without a harness for about 5 minutes then I had my good friend Joey. Who's never fought a big hammer before but caught plenty of bulls n tips with me. Harness up and I strapped him to the rod and he began fighting with my watchful eye helping him giving him breaks so on he was fight the fish around 60-70 lbs of drag for about and hour. I then took over cause he was done.  

I had him drop the harness as josh held the rod and I harnessed up. And strapped in as soon as I got it I slammed the drag into full I wasn't letting the fish F*&!K with us anymore. Had josh hold on to me and I gave it to the fish. I got into the mono and had some help show up. So I let my other friend Chris fight it until we leadered it. When me and Kyle went swimming to leader the fish. Kyle and I both looked at each other and couldn't believe how big this fight was. Chris wasn't far behind as Josh was finishing the fight. Me and Kyle grabbed the tail. And couldn't see the head we yelled where's the head and the there it was so far in front of us.  It took me Kyle and Chris to pull in. A quick de-hook a few pics and the we tapped it at 144" at the fork an 172" total a 14.4 total giant.  She swam off strong.  Written by no_namesharker. Use promo code cjone to get 10% off your order when checking out bullbuster.net

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