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Great Video On The History Of The European Bluefin Tuna Fishery

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European Tuna Fishing History

Ultimate Tuna is an hour long movie that goes in depth on the history of the european bluefin tuna.  It is an epic film that is narrated from the perspective a bluefin.

Bluefin Tuna History
Picture Of Netted Tuna From The Census Of Marine Life

Youtube Channel:  New Atlantis Full Documentaries 

Cool Facts From The Film: 
Beached Bluefin were eaten by Neandrathals
The Romans Used Preserved Tuna To Feed Their Armies
The Greeks Used Preserved Tuna To Feed Their Armies
The Phoenecians Used Tuna To Feed Their Armies
The "Madruga" Is An Ancient Tradition 
Links To Commercial Tuna Fishing History

Recent History Of The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fishery

Development Of World Tuna Fisheries

Bluefin Tuna Past & Present

Tuna Fishermen Aided The Fight In World War II

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