Bullbuster In Action:

Great Goliaths

Author: Big Bully Outdoors

Goliath Grouper Featuring 1Rod1ReelFishing

For years I've used whatever fishing line is available at the local tackle shop up the street.  Its worked fine and done its job until the Goliath's got a hold of it.  These fish are tough and powerful and love wrapping, and dragging you though any structure possible.  Many times when you catch them, you find all kinds of hooks and leaders they've stolen in the past.   They are masters of breaking your line and tearing up equipment in a snap.  I heard that Bullbuster was tough, but could it handle these unpredictable fish and intense structure?

 Mike and Andrew joined us on the water.  Mike being a YouTube fishing sensation with his channel 1Rod1ReelFishing and Andrew with his NoobAngler.  We wanted him to pull on something a little larger than a bass!   The area we fish has intense current flow, and many obstacles. These goliath grouper love sitting in the structure and eating fish as they float though during the tide.

 It only took a few drops of the bait until Andrew was the first to get hooked up.  This fish took him deep into the pilings.  Taking nearly full drag on a 50w reel, he struggled to pull him out.   Giving him a little pull from the boat we were able to get this fish out and boat side!  The line held up with minimal damage.  

We continued to fish it the rest of the day catching a few more.  Now its mike's turn.  We attached about 4 feet of bullbuster 1000lb to the end of our hand-line.  Time to use your fish muscles.  Mike hooked up to a BIG goliath grouper using no rod and reel.  Are you strong enough?  the key to this is pulling the fish up fast!  He did a great job and got this 300lb fish next to the boat for a few quick snapshots before the release.  

 Great day and great gear!  As a captain you want your clients to come away from their trip happy and excited.  Showing off their HUGE fish catch with that picture of a life time.  You can only give them this experience if your gear holds up to the fish. 

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