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Grander Leader For Spearfishing

Author: Jaren Luke

Hawaii Spearfishing Using Bullbuster Grander Leader

After a few years of using Bullbuster’s Grander Leader coils with a lot of success, I was impressed by the qualities of the leader material. It has held up to a great deal of stress and abrasion from the rubbing of a marlin’s bill to the rubbing on Hawaii’s sharp coral reef from a giant trevally. The strength and durability has given me an idea of how to use the line for spearfishing. My spearguns use monofilament as the shooting line connecting the spear shaft to the speargun

I decided to use the 200 and 3 00 pound leader coils for my reef and bluewater spearguns. I knew that they would hold up to the abuse of the strong runs and abrasion from the reef that occurs when shooting fish in Hawaii’s waters. The 200 pound line would be on my shorter reef guns and the 300 pound test would be on my longer, more powerful bluewater guns to target wahoo, mahimahi, tunas, and gray snappers.

Every summer my dive partner and I compete in the biggest spearfishing tournament of the year called the Gene Higa Memorial Tournament. Our game plan consisted of swimming more than a mile out to sea in about 140 feet of water to target bluewater fish. After about an hour of chumming we had seen some wahoo come in with no shot. We then decided to move into a shallower area to chum and see what we could find. In no time a few gray snappers started to show up and I got a nice shot in one and the battle began. The first run was a strong one with the fish making its way to the sharp reef below. My shooting line was rubbing hard on the reef but it held up and I soon had a nice uku or gray snapper in my hands. The 11 pound fish ended up winning the special uku category and added to the fortunate success that I have had since using Bullbuster products. Aloha.

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