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Gordy's New Pb Blue Cat

Author: Team Reel Deal

December Catfishing In The Potomac River

Dec 24th 2017

The morning started out at 7 am we got to the boat ramp and headed up river to catch bait. The bites been really slow lately with the temperature dropping but I was confident we would get on some fish. Took us about 20 min to catch bait in the gill net and we were heading back down river to find some big blues. 

I decided that today I would fish all new spots instead of the same spots I fish all the time so I stopped at the ww bridge and anchored up. It didn't take long and we hooked up to 2 fish around 18lbs. Then landed a couple more little catfish around 15 lbs.

It was going on around noon and the wind was blowing around 10 mph the temp was around 35 degrees and it was pretty darn cold. It was wind against tide so the waves on the water were coming over the boat luckily I have a bilge pump and had that running almost all day. 

When the tide switched and it finally calmed down I decided to hit one last spot before leaving and with in 15 min we were hooked up to this 25lb blue. Gordy was speechless when he saw this fish come to the boat. We needed up with about 10 fish that day. I let him reel all the fish in I was trying to get him a fish 40 plus pounds but maybe next time.all in all it was a good Christmas eve for us . If your in the market for fishing line go to bullbuster.net and when checking out use promo code CJONE to get 10% off your order of fishing line

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