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Goliath Grouper

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A BIG fish and a true dinosaur of the deep, the Atlantic Goliath Grouper.

A BIG fish and a true dinosaur of the deep, the Atlantic Goliath Grouper is alluring to many anglers for their size and strength. They are the largest member of the sea bass family weighing as large as 500lbs.  State record in FL is 680lbs  in 1961.  Talk about a BIG grouper.  

This species was nearly fished to extinction, and became protected in Florida & Caribbean waters during the late 1980's and since then have grown in numbers.  Thriving on our wreck & reef systems.  Some fishermen and divers see them as a nuisance, often stealing fish off hooks and spears.  Putting the diver in danger.  There has been talk for years about a possible end to the harvest ban.  As of now they are a fun catch and release for any angler looking for a challenge... and a work out!  

To catch Goliath Grouper I use a 50w reel filled with bullbuster 1000lb, to a 20/0 circle hook. Weight is optional depending where you are fishing.  You have to be careful though, the heavy line will NOT break.  Under heavy drag you could end up like Dustin in the video below!  

huge goliath grouper
Goliath Grouper, Bullbuster Leader

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