Bullbuster In Action:

Giant Rays

Author: Logan Bergamo

Are you ready for some bull busters action time if so this action time should blow your minds away. So me and Buddy josh were fishing for some black tips and big bull sharks from Sebastian inlet state park. We were using 200lbs bullbuster mono and 19+ wire with an 20/0 circle hook. We were using 1.5ft live mullet for bait. We had caught 5 or 6 decent sharks and it was my turn again so I through it out there and all of sudden on the drift out line started to peel off my talica 20 spooled with 65lbs bull busters braid. any ways so I let it eat for 25 seconds I set the hook and man I thought I had hook a hammerhead. It took about 400yrds in about 25 seconds. Finally still thinking it was a bigger shark I started to get line back 25 minutes by and we still haven’t seen the fish about 40 minutes In to the fight we caught an glance but still had no cool finally we got it up took a quick picture and then lowered him back into the water safely. FYI I did call FWC to make sure it was alright to do and at the time they said yea that fine but  after they seen what I meant they said just not to do that again... lesson learned. Good luck fishing and keep on catch 

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