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Giant Kingfish Off Miami 3/29

Author: L&H Sportfishing

64 Lb Kingfish Caught Offshore Miami

On March 29 2018, I took my daughter, the trusty Lucky Laurel out with me hoping she would be able to help me find some fish. We got out in the morning and she set her kites up, three baits on each and was focusing on her custom made pink rods when I told her to adjust the right side, something had been messing around with the right middle when the left middle (one of the pink rods that had been freshly spooled with 20lb bullbuster mono that very morning) started to take off in the rod holder. My daughter, Laurel quickly dropped the right middle and picked up the left middle making sure everything was set correctly she handed it off to the customer. 

After a few minutes of fighting the fish the customer got the fish alongside the boat where the fish took a run for the "sharks" (the propellers under the boat that will eat your fish every single time the fish goes near them) I carefully maneuvered the boat around and Laurel got a clear shot on him and pulled him in the boat! We had used 40lb mono as our leader. To pull up what had weighed out to be a 64lb kingfish!! As well as the kingfish for the day we also caught a mahi, a bonita, as well as two sailfish that did some crazy jumps and put on a wild show for us at the end of the day! What an amazing day, Lucky Laurel definitely lived up to her name today!

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