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GIANT African Pompano Report!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Wreckfishing For African Pompano

With the beginning of spring here, the offshore fishing game in Southeast Florida welcomes a lot of pelagic and predatory fish to our home waters. Wreck fishingis something I really enjoy as you never really know what you will pull up from below. 

Wreck Fishing
Hooked up!

On this particular day we had trolled planers all day in search of tuna and wahoo as the week before we had heard of great reports from the pelagic zebra. After an unsuccessful morning of trolling my girlfriend and I decided to drop down some live goggle eye on a local wreck in boca raton, Florida. This is one of my favorite baits to drop down on a wreck and we have caught everything from amberjacks, muttons, grouper, kingfish and more on these feisty little live baits. 

African Pompano
My personal best African Pompano

First drop BAM I was on to a good fish. I was fishing 80lb bullbuster braid and 80lb fluorocarbon leader to prevent breakoffs. After a short 2-3min battle of what I suspected to be an African Pompano, I was delightfully greeted with a big silver belly below. 

Wreckfishing can be a blast especially when live bait is plentiful

We took the Pompano home for dinner and let me tell you It is one of my top 3 eating fish from here on out! The texture of the fish, buttery flavor and thick fillets make for some very versatile cooking options as well as great sushi and sashimi. 

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