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Getting Tight With Summertime Blacktips On Long Surf Rods!!!

Author: Patrick Meek

There's no better sound of a screaming drag on spinning gear!

Anyone who knows me knows that I really love catching Pompano from the surf  to bring home for a nice meal. Although I've been able to bring 1 or 2 home each outing in this warmer water, I have been focusing a lot more on catching sharks from the beach using light tackle until the weather and water cools off.

It hasn't been too hard to catch some fresh bait from the beach and depending on the mood I was in, I would either free line or soak a bait. It usually wasn't too long just before sunset I would get my first run if I was soaking a bait. I've caught several sharks above and just below the 10' range using my 130 class reels, but some of my favorite battles have been on light tackle. My reel was just spooled with some fresh Bullbuster 65# Hi-Vis Yellow braid and I'm casting a 7'  Bullbuster 300# monofilament leader made from the grander leader coils with a 18" bite leader.

I love hearing my Penn Torque 7 sing whenever I hook up on a Bull Red, but the drag has never sounded more sweeter than when a 75+ lb blacktip decides she wants to take it for a spin.

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