Bullbuster In Action:

"From Dusky Till Dawn"

Author: #TeamDorsal

  Each day bring opportunity and one thing is for sure, I have never caught the fish of a lifetime when my gear is sitting in the garage. You must put it in the time and hard work in order to achieve. I couldn't tell you how many hours I have spent sitting next to that Everol waiting to hear it sing.  From dusk to dawn some times catching 12+ sharks in one day then spending weeks with not even a click. It is almost as though you are ready to give up ; that's when you hook into the biggest ones... I think that is what makes it so exciting to me, the unknowing. No fish finders telling you if there is any life there. No trolling motor to spot lock on a hot spot. Without our 1000lb bullbuster grander leader coils non of these large 10ft+ sharks would be possible.... The Everol 18/0 making quick work of 90 percent of them. Helping with a quick and safe release so the shark can return again someday. For this one someday was just a few days later. We caught this 10'4 dusky and just a few days after we caught it again ; stronger and healthy. They say that dusky sharks have a 90% mortality rate, but when using Everol reels with high drag and heavy 200lb braid you are able to muscle them in FAST. Helping to get a tag in it ; measure ; and send it back to grow. That information in return helps NOAA better understand migration patterns so we can learn more.

Dusky Facts :

1. Dusky sharks are extremely long-lived and may survive up to half a century, but they are slow to grow and to reproduce. They don't reach sexual maturity until about 20 years of age.

2. Dusky sharks travel hundreds of thousand miles each year on their way to the poles and back, toward the equator. These migrations are triggered by changes in the water temperature. Males and females travel in separate groups.

3. Females give birth in the same waters where they were born. They produce offspring once every three years. Females are able to store sperm and use it for the next breeding cycle in the case that males are not available.

4. Dusky sharks have been federally protected since 1999

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