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The World's Most Accessible Big Game Fishing    

Big game fishing is about chasing fish that could literally eat you for breakfast.  Its about putting yourself against a fish who has very good chance beating you and constantly reminds you what humility means. Big game fishing is about blood sweat and tears.  Shark fishing from land (land based shark fishing), is the most accessible big game fishing there is, in that you don't need a 5 million dollar boat to make it happen, but you need the same mindset. Big game fishing has always been a sport of honor and landbased shark fishing is no different. 

Remember Why You Started

When you first started landbased shark fishing chances are you were inspired to catch to catch a monster.  Some of you were lucky and fished with the right person at the right time and landed a monster immediately, most of you probably picked your way through small sharks continuously honing your skills and getting more and more "lucky" as you started to figure stuff out and talk to the right people. 

Chances are you started for the challenge, the adrenaline rush, the chance to hook into a freight train that you might never stop.  Chances are you liked the change of pace from life as the sun went down and you sat on the beach while the waves lapped onto the sand. 

Honor Vs. Pride

Big game fishing and land based shark fishing  is a sport of honor, often confused with pride.   After a lot of training, a lot of question asking, a lot of your own trial and error you will get to a point where you are consistent and landing big sharks often. It is at this point where you will have a choice. 

To go the route of honor, one must use a growth mindset vs. pride (fixed mindset). 

What Is Honor In Landbased Shark Fishing:

1) Teaching Others What You Have Learned

2) Catch & Release Fishing

3) Respecting Your Spot & The Spots Of Others

4) Learning New Things From Everyone

What Is Pride In Landbased Shark Fishing: 

1) Not Teaching New Generations Of Shark Fishermen

2) Killing Sharks You Are Not Going To Eat 

3) Trashing Your Beach

4) Not Learning New Techniques

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