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"Fly High Rocky"

Author: #TeamDorsal

Rocky (left side of photo with arm tattoo) was such a awesome character I wish everyone had the chance to fish with him once. A outgoing personality that enjoyed being outside on the water. If he could live on his boat full time he would without hesitation. Me and Rocky would go 30 to 70 miles out ; trolling looking for bonita, wahoo, tuna, kings. We would also use drift socks and drop for golden tile fish slowly coasting with the currents of the Gulf. While fishing we always used bullbuster mono for all our fishing reels. When fighting large wahoo you want a line you can depend on that will keep on catching fish time & time again. We would set up the outriggers and troll 4 rods for a nice even spread and to help avoid tangle. When you hook up trolling you don't want to stop the boat. You want to stay at the same speed and just keep that line tight on the fish. If possible when fighting bonita you want to reel their head above the water. This allows you to reel quickly and skip them across the water and get them in the boat fast. Dolphins are always lurking for a quick easy meal and a hooked bonita is always on the menu. We had big plans for the near future and I wish my friend Rocky was still around to help us achieve them. In his honor I will be sure to keep fishing and keep catching large pelagic fish. Just make sure you get bullbuster line on all your reels so you can be sure to catch the fish you want. 

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