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Fly Fishing In Portugal

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Fly Fishing In Portugal 

Switching to dry fly in a deeper section of a Northern Portugal River.

The mountains in Northern Portugal have some great fly fishing.  These aren't the giant trout like in Patagonia, but they are fun to catch none the less. Trout fishing permits are usually bought in a local bar, and give you access to a certain section of the river.  

Streams here are smaller than in most areas, making this an excellent area to practice fishing nymphs (wet flies) along the shoreline roots along the stream. One cool thing that you won't experience in other locations is fishing next to bridges and structures that stem all the way back to the roman empire.  Your fishing in the woods, but these woods have a history. 

Fly Fishing Service 

We fished with Cavado Fly Fishing Portugal and had a great time catching trout as well as had a great conversation over wine and good food over lunch. Northern Portugal is known for Vhino Verde and has great foods, so be sure to ask your guide Jao or Pedro for more information. If you don't speak Portuguese you will be in good hands as both guides speak english. 

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