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Florida Vs. Texas Shark Challenge

Author: Bullbuster Team


Landbased Sharkfishing Waiting For The Bite


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Submit your photo of your released shark by using your state's hashtag and including a Bullbuster decal and in the picture. 

All fish need to be released. A tagged fish gets you an extra point.  Also no measurements are needed. This is a numbers game!

Tournament Dates Dec 1st 2016 - Dec 1, 2017


Come Here To Check #BullbusterTeamFlorida's Score

Florida shark fishermen are known for catching big sharks on both coasts. There is also a hardcore shark fishing culture built around big tournaments such as the Big Hammer Challenge, the Sharks After Dark Tournament, The Blacktiph Challenge, and coming soon the Halloween Hammer Hunt.

Florida has a great community of shark fishermen that can be found on the South Florida Shark Club & Boatless Fishing



Come Here To Check #BullbusterTeamTexas' Score

Texas shark fishermen have a style of their own.  Taking pride in their rigging styles and putting together some badass trucks to hit the beach with.  Texas fishermen also fish in the worlds biggest and most well known tournament (Sharkathon).

Texas also has a great community of shark fishermen that can be found on Tx -Sharkfishing

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