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Florida Hammerhead

Author: Team Reel Deal

Winter Hammerhead From The Beach

Feb 20th 2017 we woke up at 5am on the road by 6 and got to the spot by 7. As we pulled up we saw another shark fishing crew they were leaving from an all night trip l. They didn't catch any sharks but landed a monster Goliath grouper from the beach. 

"Corey's line got picked up... by a big bullshark giving us slow and steady headshakes"

We started out our 30 min walk to the spot after loading all of our gear on the kayak. Got set up and tied on all of our rigs and found some rocks to use for our break aways and ready to deploy baits. 

Corey was the first to go out and drop his to baits that he had on his 50w. Then team member Joe was next to kayak baits followed by our newest team mate Jacob. 5 baits total and the baits we chose were stingray and Jacks. Corey's line got picked up first by a big bullshark with a slow run and heavy head shakes.

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ABlacktip came by and bit the line and that shark was lost. We knew there would be break offs with it being right in the middle of the blacktip migration. There are always alot of lost rigs when the tippers are running. Saw a few blacktips jumping out of the water about 150 yards out and one was right behind the breakers. 

"I let him eat for about 50 yds and popped it into gear, setting the hook, immediately feeling immense pressure"

Had a boat run over our spreadand luckily they didn't break us off. Team mate Jack went and caught another stingray and a jack with his bait rod. I was getting ready to change out my bait because I had a chunk of Jack out there for 6 hours and figured the crabs had  been eatin it. Then the 9/0 senator started screaming!

 I let him eat for about 50 yds popped it in gear and set the hook, immediately feeling immense pressure.. He made a few decent runs and ended up using max drag on him. I eventually turned him around I put serious pressure on this shark because of the rocks that were in front of us. 

A team mate lost 2 sharks the day before because of those rocks which were only visible at low tide. Anyways we got the shark in and my team mates tail roped him and snapped a couple of pictures de hooked it perfect hook set on the corner of the mouth and then released this amazing 10ft 9 in greater hammerhead.

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