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Flatline Sail

Author: Adrenaline Rush Charters

Went out in the rainy, windy slop on a sailing mission this past Sunday.

Stopped at a bait spot got a few small blue runners and headed to the edge. Got set up in about 135 ft popped the kite up and got the baits bridled and deployed. Was a bit slow. But had two window shopper come up and window wiped the baits and killed them with no hookup. 

Flat line gets hit, almost spooled, managed to keep the Sailfish on.

I had a flat line rod out as well with a dead sardine on a 4000 bg daiwa and a 12 lb rod. And what do ya know they always love to eat the shy gear. Well the battle commenced. Came tight but didn't jump right of the bat. Wasn't sure what it was until it realized it was hooked and went berserk. Charged the boat and took off jumping and grey hounding like it was a marlin. Spooled me 6 times but luckily got the line back every time before it was game over. 30 minutes later and a lot of chasing we got him billed snapped some photos and revived and released. By that point we were cold and battered and decided to call it a day with the target acquired. 

Sailfish caught on a 12 lb rod

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