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Author: Bullbuster Team

Fishing Videos You Need To See!

We have compiled a number of videos on a number of different subject related to fishing.  Our ultimate goal is to help you spend more time fishing. We want to do what ever it takes, if you need to learn something to become a better fisherman, to laugh, cook your catch, or just need something to motivate you to stop everything your doing and just go fishing its here or will be soon.

How To Videos

Tie The Knots You Will Need To Know (Send Us Your Videos)

Best Videos For Learning How To Kite Fish

5 Best Videos For Learning How To Rig Ballyhoo

Best Videos On The Web To Learn How To Rig Swordfish Baits

Some Cool Videos That Explain How To Bridle Baits

How To Make Your Own Trolling Lures

How To Mold Your Own Lures

Cooking Your Catch

Shark Fishing Videos

10 Best Shark Fishing Videos On The Web

Getting Started In The Landbased Shark Fishing World

World Record Tiger Shark Caught On Bullbuster Mono

Bullbuster Ambassador Features

10 Awesome Videos Posted By Bullbuster Ambassadors

Billfish Masters Of 2016?

New Types Of Fishing

Best Drone Fishing Videos

Farm Your Own Baitfish

Epic Fishing Footage: 

Awesome Videos Of The Blacktip Migration

Epic Footage Of The Mullet Run

Fishing Tips:

Stick More Fish Kayak Fishing Tips

5 Baits To Troll That Aren't Ballyhoo ( Including Videos On How To Rig Them)

Dredge Fishing Explained Through Youtube Videos

Best Snook Fishing Tips On The Web -- If You Are Stuck At Home Or At Work Don't Waste Time, Keep Learning!

We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Bullbuster Community.  It is our mission to help millions of anglers spend more time fishing and that starts with YOU!

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