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"Fishing The Blood Moonlight"

Author: #TeamDorsal


There is something about a shining sturgeon moon also referred to as a "blood moon" that makes things a little more spooky out there. The water was calm visibility I would put at a 6 on a (1-10) scale. During the summer/fall times in our area we have lots of sea turtles nests. These influx of numbers in the area bring lots of large turtle eating predators close to shore including big bull sharks & massive tiger sharks. The bait of choice a XL bonita fresh never frozen caught the day before. We ran it out on a Tiagra 130 paired with a IGFA80 custom built rare Magniflex Rod. Spooled with 200lb bullbuster hollow and a 300 yard 200lb mono topshot. The sun started to fade and the mass of people began to leave the beach. It was time to run out our bait for the night. (Never shark fish crowded areas with people swimming y'all. It is just not the smart thing to do. Wait until the sun is starting to go down get there early to have your rigs baited ready to run out). Jumped in the little 8ft ocean kayak frenzy and started paddling. We use walkie talkies to stay informed with each other and keep our lines straight. The bait was deployed estimate range of about 800 yards out. The sun faded into the horizon and it turned pitch dark for the next couple hours. Not a click not a nibble just silence. We began to grow hungry fired up a little propane grill to warm up for some hot dogs. The moon began to show ; solid red coming up bright and full of mystery. That is when the magic started to happen. The water became still and turned glass out of nowhere. Just before we went to put the hot dogs on the grill the Tiagra 130 started rolling. Something else was as hungry as we were out there. Let it run for about 30 seconds then set to strike. We were hooked up for about 20 minutes, the tiagra 130 in low is a winch and waste no time bringing them in fast. That 1000lb bullbuster mono did it again, our leaders worked flawlessly making it capable for us to lock down the drag and quickly catch and release a beautiful female tiger shark. The calm waters made it easy to keep her gills fully submerged as we removed the hook as seen in the picture above.  "The faster the fight time the better that shark swims off ; we need leaders we can put alot of pressure on to minimize fight time."  When fishing in the shine of a blood moon be sure to expect your fishing to be a night you will always remember! 

 âš ï¸ Disclaimer: shark fishing is a dangerous sport which requires special permits and training to properly handle them. 

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