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Fishing Report Out In Miami 4/13/18

Author: Jianni Hitchman

Awesome Day Fishing Out in the Ocean!

 Qualia High speed Jig Reel
My new Qualia reel with 20LB pink Mono

Hey guys back again with another Fishing article, I went out with a friend on the charter on The Reward. Awesome team they have, really friendly and helping, me and my friend did 2 trips that day afternoon and night trip. I caught a 2 fishes that afternoon, I caught a Bonito, and Spanish Mackerel while we headed to the spot. After those two catches we started to slow down at our destination, we stopped at our first stop at 220 feet, we really didn’t get any hits but 1 person had a huge hit! I mean like he couldn’t even reel on his rod he was taking line like nothing! Then after just 1 crank his line broke... we thought it was a huge grouper. After that hit it was completely dead the whole afternoon trip.

Tiny but Feisty

Later we got back to BaySide and went to go get some lunch and chili’s and started heading back to our next trip that leaves at 8PM. As we headed out the Capt took us too North Miami out too 25-30 ft of water, it was slow in the beginning but we started catching Snappers, Small Groupers, and Blue Fish. After that died out we went to one last spot but was pretty shallow... the depth was 15 ft. We started catching Grunts, Snappers, Groupers, Blue Fish. Later that night I had a HUGE hit I thought it was a shark but when I pull it up to the top it was a HUGE Mangrove Snapper! I was screaming, because I was only getting Grunts that night. 

Mangrove Snapper
The Snapper Was 17 Inches (Pretty big for me)

Later that night before we left back to the dock I caught a nice Yellowtail Snapper (beautiful fish). Well thanks guys for reading my report and have any questions over our product or fishing feel free to ask and I’ll help you with any questions you have at Bullbustersocial@gmail.net!

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