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Fishing Northern Baja

Author: Andrew Hauser

Family Fishing Trip To Baja Mexico

Lincod In Baja
The kids with a nice lingcod offshore northern Baja!


 With the weather forecast looking epic and the long weekend approaching, we loaded up the car and headed down the Baja coast in search of some monster vermillion rock cod and monster lingcod. We heard the yellowtail bite was hit or miss at best.  Friday morning rolls around and we were off bright and early, left the house at 7 AM, crossed the border and got our FMM’S. Then we pointed the car to our favorite taco shop. With a short uneventful car ride down, filled with tacos and laughs, we ended up at our picture perfect destination psyched for what was to come.      

The next morning we woke up to light winds and brisk temperatures. As we headed out, I tied on our favorite yo-yo jigs, a Candybar heavy or a Taso7 brass in all white or blue and white.  My go to yo-yo iron rod is a Calstar 800H with a Penn fathom 25NLD filled with Bullbuster.net 65 pound braid and a top shot of 60 pound Bullbuster.net flouro.  We got to the high spot and instantly started metering yellows. They just didn’t want to eat. We stayed with it all morning yo-yoing till our arms couldn’t yo-yo anymore. During mid day and right before slack low tide the yellows went wide open for a solid hour. Not monsters but still fun 12 to 20 pounders, a blast for the kiddos.  

After the bite shut down we switch gears for some taco meat and called it a day.    The next morning we woke up earlier so we could make mackerel, the perfect lingcod candy. It didn’t take long to fill our tank with the perfect sized mackerel and then we were off to some deeper structure in search for some trophy vermillion rock cod and trophy lingcod. Same rod and reel as the day before but switched the top shot to a 40 pound bullbuster.net flouro leader, 12 ounce torpedo sinker, and a  2/0 circle hook with a stinger treble hook.

 Another go to rod was the Diawa Proteus paired a Penn Slammer III filled with 65 pound Bullbuster.net braid and a 40 pound Bullbuster.net floro leader.  I made a custom saltwater tube jig that the rockfish couldn’t resist when it was tipped with squid.  It didn’t take long for us to find the fish and once we did it was drop after drop for monster lings and giant Vermillion rockfish.  After we all caught our personal best lingcod and Vermillion rock Cod, we headed to the barn and ate countless fish tacos that night. Baja it’s such a special place with such special people, undeveloped beaches, amazing food, and that small town feel that you just can’t get in the states.  There’s something magical about Baja that is just too hard to explain; one must experience it for themselves to fully understand and respect how magical Baja really is.

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