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Fishing For Yellowfin & Wahoo On San Cristobal Galapagos

Author: Bullbuster Team

Wahoo & Yellowfin Offshore Of San Cristobal 

The Galapagos Islands, also known as the "Enchanted Islands" , are some of the worlds most productive fishing grounds.  Especially if you are chasing large Striped Marlin. Most people think that the Galapagos islands are what you see on National Geographic, islands without people, full of blue footed boobies, and 200 year old tortoises.  While these islands are home to these amazing creatures, they are also home to people, a people who have lived in these islands for generations, and protect it because its their home. 

Fishing has been a staple of the Galapagos islands for more than a century, with boats traveling from as far as San Diego to fish the tuna rich waters. Now many local fishermen are turning to a fishery that is profitable for their families and preserves the park at the same time.  It has been introduced to the park as "Eco Fishing".  Eco fishing (Sportfishing) not only damages the local ecosystem than illegal but prevalent practices such as dynamiting the reef or bleaching it to catch more fish commercially, but it also fills hotels, and brings income to the local people.  Last but obviously not least, for us fishermen, it is an amazing opportunity. 

San Cristobal 

There are four populated islands in the Galapagos.  Floreana and Isabella barely have any people and are not very developed, Puerto Allora seems like a bustling city in the Caribbean with infrastructure and plenty of cars.  San Cristobal is the perfect balance. Its developed, but quite. An island with 10,000 people restaurants, bars, and Yellowfin Tuna & Wahoo Fishing.

When you first arrive in the town, you will find a the local sea lions, just hanging out.  They have their own beach, but roam pretty freely througout the town.  There they are welcome, with your fish not so much.

Fishing For Wahoo & Yellowfin Offshore San Cristobal

On our trip we became acquainted with the Samysol III.  This boat is run by a father and son that are part of a three generation Galapagos fishing family. To fish for yelllowfin tuna & wahoo offshore San Cristobal you won't need to bring your own gear since this charter boat has their own. It will be a lot shorter of a run then to the marlin grounds.  Watch out for the sea lions though!

Also be sure to wear shoes out there.  

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