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Fishing For The TAX MAN

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

TexasFinChasers Go Land based Shark Fishing Down Padre Island National Seashore!!

Work was over and the weekend was set, the boys and Mona were picked up and we were off. Heading south for the weekend to do some serious saltwater fishing down the beach for the TAX MAN.

Finally arriving in Corpus Cristi, Texas at about 11:00 pm and buying the essentials to be down the beach a couple of miles. Once done shopping and arrive on sand, we drove about an hour and half down the beach to about mile marker 25 on 4X4 because the sand conditions were soft and it was really dark with no moon light.

Beautiful Sunset

Once reaching our destination at about 3:30am we decided to take a little time and toss out a couple of rods with fishbites to see if there were any fishies around. Then BAM, bait fish everywhere, whitties upon whitties on ever hooks. So we decide to keep a couple of them for live bait and yak out baits in the morning. Once sunrise came around we all got one reel combo each ready for them to be kayaked out. Weapons of choice were an Avet 30w on a Jawbone 1052, Avet Lx on a Jawbone 1042 and my HXW on a 10ft two piece Uglystick with whole whitties as bait on all hook. Thanks to fellow ambassador Chris  Meza and buddy Justin Sanchez for kayaking baits for me threw out the day. 

Then at about 9-10am, as Chris and Justin walk away my HXW is bowed over and the tax man is hooked. I run to the rod and realize I have a monster on the other end of the line, yelling for my fellow anglers to come assist and once we are sure the hook is set we are now in for a 20 min fight to realize that on the other end of the line was a 4ft 3in Blacktip shark. My personal best shark at this point and the boys are pumped for more action after this juvenile shark was released to be caught another day, we decide to take a lunch break and after all sandwich’s are finished the ole LX start railing drag and we knew it then that it was a monster and even bigger than the previous shark I had hooked and Chris was on for a fight with a beast who kept taking more line out as he would retrieve some. After a 20 min fight we see the massive dorsal fin appear in the last bar and knew it automatically it was a hammerhead. Stretched out at 77in the beast was hauled in and released to swim another day.

Such a beautiful day on the beach with fellow anglers doing what we love the most is spending time fishing and making memories. Money is everything but it sure can get us to the beach to do what we love most.


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